about us

Rooted in inclusivity, swiftmay is a brand for all women, by women, formed by the idea that true beauty is all about loving and expressing ourselves.
We believe in redefining what beautiful really means on our own terms. No rules, no struggle towards ‘perfection’, and no conventional beauty standards. Just a celebration of individuality, and the magic in our uniqueness.

We prioritize comfort, deliver confidence and strive to make everyone feel welcome, seen, and celebrated by creating better options, where we ask what you want, instead of telling you what you need - because it’s about time that the brands in our industry recognize the wonder of being different.

changing the game for the better

In addition to championing authenticity and the beauty of imperfections, swiftmay aims to shape a better world by setting new standards and providing inclusion, solutions, and choice for every woman. We aim to consistently innovate on what has been, and pioneer advancement in what is to come within the shaper space, pushing into the future where shapewear is thoughtfully crafted for your already-perfect body to provide on-demand confidence & grace, in which we don’t hide, we refine.

the total package

As well as keeping spirits (and butts!) lifted, we’re on an ever-evolving journey to be the best that we can be, for each other and our planet - and in our endeavor for professional quality, we hold ourselves to the very highest of standards. We’re always looking for ways to improve, always challenging ourselves to innovate, design, and optimize - making decisions that bring us closer to a better tomorrow.

celebrating you

We live by a simple premise: put customers first, and the rest will take care of itself - and we're extremely grateful for all of the customers we've had so far appreciating our mission to create a safe, welcoming space in shapewear—and beyond, and joining us on our journey.

- the swiftmay team